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‘Developing and executing an end-to-end program for Cloud Transformation’

‘Developing and executing an end-to-end program for Cloud Transformation’

Covalens is running a cloud transformation program for a large customer in the retail industry. It is our mutual goal to help the customer build its own Cloud Center of Excellence, while transforming its traditional IT operating model towards a cloud operating model, aligned with their cloud first strategy.

The assignment started with a small project to help the customer in defining a strategy for automation & devops, because that was considered critical in the context of their cloud first strategy. We established a plan together to develop a technical devops vision and a maturity roadmap to achieve this.

In the meantime, the customer was migrating one of its data centers to Microsoft Azure and expressed the need for an experienced program manager to tackle the many issues and challenges they were facing, mainly in the application transformation & migration process.

Through these interesting assignments, we gradually got better insights in their organization and the future perspectives the customer wanted to achieve. We therefore started sharing with them a unique, structured approach to cloud transformation, that was already successfully being applied to other enterprise customers with a similar IT strategy.

That initiated the roll-out of the end-to-end transformation program that we are currently leading and executing. The program is focusing on different (technical as well as non-technical) domains to help the customer develop all the necessary capabilities to realize the desired transformation:

  • Strategy
  • People
  • Governance
  • Platform
  • Security
  • Operations

We have established a close and intense collaboration with 45 Degrees, a Cronos company that focuses on guiding enterprise customers in their journey to the cloud. Fortunately, we have been able to rely on the scalability, diversity, and innovation power of the entire Cronos network organization to make this possible in any aspect that was needed throughout this challenging trajectory.

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