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HR Services:
‘Transforming support teams to increase stability and improve service quality’

HR Services:
‘Transforming support teams to increase stability and improve service quality’

We have helped a customer in the human resource services industry to develop a long-term IT sourcing strategy evolving towards more optimized internal support teams, important as a basis for executing a balanced and future-proof digital strategy.

The new CIO was confronted with an ‘as-is’ situation whereas two of its IT support teams (about 20 people in total) were composed of 80% external consultants and 20% internal team members. The external resources were insourced from many different suppliers. According to the customer this resulted in a context of high cost, low stability and continuity, dubious competencies and – in the end – an overall negative service quality perception from the business. Time for a change …

It took us 2 months to discuss and build a plan together to make things work more adequately in a win-win context, with respect for each other’s interests. Based on his vision and his strategy, it was the CIO’s wish to invert the balance between external and internal resources from 80/20 towards 20/80 as a starting point to be able to evolve towards better team motivation & performance.

We established and executed a plan containing 6 phases:

At the end of the transition phase (after +/- 8 months) we have (re-)established the 20/80 external/internal balance. It took us 4 additional months during the transition phase, focusing on learning & development to optimize the team’s overall output in terms of service quality and return to ‘normal operations’.

These are the service capabilities that we have employed throughout the different phases, to achieve the overall goal(s) behind this assignment:

  • HR analysis
  • Staffing
  • Recruitment
  • Managed Staffing
  • Project & Service Delivery Management
  • Learning & development
  • Transformation projects & services
  • Change Management

The project turned out to have a positive ROI after 18 months.

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